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Do Animists Believe…

September 29, 2021

New to modern animism and you're not quite sure what we believe? This episode hits a lot of frequently asked questions so you won't want to miss it!

Links from this episode

What's the Point of Reincarnation?

Can You Be an Atheist Animist?

Articles about Holy Days

Sere Purging Ritual

What You Need to Know About Your First Sere Ritual

Do I Have a Soul Mate?

Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Healthy Relationships

Manifesting What You Want

Articles about Shamanism

Teach Me How to Put a Curse on Someone

I'm Cursed. Now What?

What Do Extraterrestrials, ETs, and UFOs Mean for Human Spirituality?

Do You Have a Spirit Animal?

How to Speak to Spirit

Respecting the Darkness in the Spirit World

How to Pray

What Comes After Awakening?

I'm Awake AF. Now What?


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Laura Giles is an animist licensed clinical social worker who specializes in healing trauma. She founded Pan Society to make animism accessible to modern people. She delights in inspiring people with the love of the land, facilitating a connection to Spirit, reviving a sense of wonder and belonging through her sacred travel journeys, past life regression work, transformational workshops, and mentoring. Join her on her next adventure! For more information about Laura Giles, see her website at​.

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