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Answering Your Questions About Modern Animism

March 31, 2021

Thanks for your questions! We've got a backlog! Today Laura Giles tackles these issues:

  • What do the mystical aspects of animism look like?

  • What do I do in liminal space?

  • How do I cope with spiritual awakening?

  • Where can I start my animist journey?

  • How do I deal with the pressure and work of being a lightworker?

  • What's the difference between modern animism and indigenous animism?

  • What's it like hanging out with animists?

Be sure to check out our other FAQ in the archives as we've answered a lot of other questions there.

Correction: When I'm talking about dreams, I think I said "hypnogogic" when I meant "hypnopompic" or vice versa. I think you can work out what I meant from the context though.

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Laura Giles, founder of Pan Society, is an author, spiritual mentor, trauma therapist, podcast host, and past life therapist. Her animist heritage is infused in her retreats, pilgrimages, workshops, experiential events, classes, rituals, and whole life. To. work with her, go to

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